Petra and Amman: the Kingdom of Jordan

A Virtual tour of the Capital City of the Kingdom of Jordan and the fascinating Archaeological Site of Petra.

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EVENTS DETAILS - Petra and his Treasury - Amman Historical City (the Citadel) - Jordan River - The Roman Theater - Immersive Experience - Live Q&A - Contents suitable for children EVENTS DESCRIPTION UNESCO has described Petra as "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage". This fascinating archeological site was once the Capital of the Ancient Nabatean People. Al-Khazneh (Arabic: الخزنة; "The Treasury") is one of the most elaborate temples in Petra. In 2007, A was voted one of the New 7 Wonders of the World We will do a quick stop at the Jordan River to see the Baptismal Site of Jesus. And we will virtually travel to the South of the Kingdom and stop at Wadi Rum then head to the Rose city of Petra. We will walk through the Siq, a narrow and winding fissure between the cliffs, to reach the Treasury, the Roman Theater, the Courts, Qasr Bint Pharaoun, the Royal Tombs ,the Urn Tomb, Byzantine church and the Great Temple then virtually climb approximately 850 oddly spaced steps to reach the famous landmark called the Monastery and end our visit at the highest place where is the Tomb of Aron, the brother of prophet Moses. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and REQUIREMENTS - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - Stable internet connection - This experience will use Zoom PLEASE NOTE: since is a Free Event with high demand, if you don’t connect on first 10 mins from tour start, we reserve the rights to assign your reserved seat to someone else Read Carefully Our TOS here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/terms.html ------ Attendance is FREE, but TIPS are appreciated ------ Read Carefully Our TOS here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/terms.html