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Who was the real Cleopatra? Not just a queen, but above all a woman in a world of men, a lover of culture, a mother and an influencer.

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EVENT DETAILS - Live event with a PhD Egyptologist - Immersive Experience - Cleopatra - Live Q&A - Contents suitable for children PAY ATTENTION PLEASE When you see start times in EET (Cairo Time) or CET/CEST (Rome Time), use this tool to easily convert it into your local time: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com We suggest you add the event to your calendar to avoid time zone issues. EVENT DESCRIPTION Live stream event from Rome, hosted by Giulia P.: PhD Archeologist, Egyptologist, licensed Tour Guide with 11 years of experience Who was the real Cleopatra? Not just a queen, but above all a woman in a world of men, a lover of culture, a mother and an influencer. She was actually known as Cleopatra VII, the last in a long line of kings and queens descended from the Macedonian general Ptolemy I Soter who had risen to kingship of Egypt during the chaotic wars that followed the death of Alexander the Great. She was a Greek queen and she was born in Alexandria, the newly founded centre of Hellenist culture. But she had to integrate into a millenary culture, that of Pharaonic Egypt. We will discover the many faces of the most famous queen of Egypt and the reason of her multiple representations, sometimes as a male pharaoh, occasionally with the nose of the father, and other times as Isis, mother of Horus. And of course we will also talk about her romances with two notable Romans: Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. We will try to understand the true nature of her relationship with Julius and we will follow her travels to Rome, where she spent almost two years and left an indelible mark as only a true fashion influencer can do. We will find out how this woman had to prepare herself for an interrogation that would have changed her life: the one conducted by Marc Antony. And yes! She was pretty convincing and it was love at first sight. And then the tragic epilogue: in 31 b.C. Octavian’s forces soundly defeated those of Antony and Cleopatra in the Battle of Actium. How were the last momenti of her life? SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and REQUIREMENTS - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - Stable internet connection - This experience will use Zoom PLEASE NOTE: since is a Free Event with high demand, if you don’t connect on first 10 mins from tour start, we reserve the rights to assign your reserved seat to someone else. ------ Attendance is FREE, but TIPS are appreciated ------ Read Carefully Our TOS here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/terms.html

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