Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Come with us to discover the daily life of the builders of the Pyramids!

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Ancient Egypt

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EVENT DETAILS - Live event from Egypt with a Local Egyptologist and licensed tour guide - Immersive Experience - Scenes from tombs and monuments, artifacts from museums - Agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings - Live Q&A - Contents suitable for children PAY ATTENTION PLEASE When you see start times in EET (Cairo Time) or CET/CEST (Rome Time), use this tool to easily convert it into your local time: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com We suggest you add the event to your calendar to avoid time zone issues. EVENT DESCRIPTION Are you interested in how the ancient Egyptians lived their daily lives when they were not busy building their famous and timeless monuments? These days we seem to be very interested in how people live their daily lives; just look at Facebook, Youtube and Instagram to see how people are spending every minute of their day. So why not have a look at what we know about daily life in Ancient Egypt? There may not have been blogs and blogs to record all details, but by looking at certain scenes in tombs and by the discovery of artifacts, Egyptologists have gotten to know quite a bit about how the ancient Egyptians used to spend their days, either with work, leisure or religion. With this informative virtual tour we take you back in time to discover interesting facts about certain parts of daily life in Ancient Egypt. You’ll learn more about agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings. Our Egyptologist tour guide uses colorful images of scenes inside tombs and of artifacts from museums to give you a good idea of the fascinating daily life in Ancient Egypt!

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