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This tour is unique: visit with me the only authentic castle in the Americas

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This tour is unique: visit with me the only authentic castle in the Americas👷🏻‍♂️ Build this project with us: Our Tours are FREE TO JOIN the Event is TIP-SUPPORTED (read below ⭐) ⏰ Time is listed as Eastern Time (US/New York) Check here your local time: https://zpr.io/xLnsS5g9cqn6 Language: English Live stream event from Mexico, hosted by FREDO O.: Graduated Licensed Tour Guide, tourist journalist with 7 years of experience. Summary The pre-Hispanic past of the Chapultepec forest as a sacred siteAztec and Teotihuacan remains in the areaThe battles of independent Mexico against foreign powersThe great Castle of Chapultepec: palace of European influence and house of rulersThe architecture of the Castle, gardens, patios, stairways and panoramic viewsModern attractions of Chapultepec and its importance in the activities of Mexico CityLive Q&AContents suitable for childrenDescription A forest sacred to the Aztecs has survived many of the most important episodes in North American history. Chapultepec is today one of the most visited public parks in the world and when walking through it, it is possible to find a series of unique relics throughout the continent. The Chapultepec Castle on top of the hill is the most representative symbol of the passage of centuries of history through Mexico City. A “little volcano” in the middle of the great city of Mexico has been, since Aztec times, a platform to worship the deities of the ancient world. They were the ones who named this area Chapultepec and today you can visit archaeological remains such as the starting point of the aqueduct that the Mexica themselves built more than 500 years ago. After the Aztec defeat and the Spanish conquest, Chapultepec became a resting point for the rulers of the colony and it is at that time that the castle that we will visit on this tour was conceived. We are also going to know symbolic points of historical episodes such as the most famous battle of the Mexico vs. United States war in 1847. After climbing the "Grasshopper Hill" we will enter the courtyards and gardens of the Chapultepec Castle, a building that is best known for being the residence of Maximilian of Habsburg and Charlotte of Belgium, rulers brought from Europe to form the Second Mexican Empire after the defeat of the Mexican Liberal Republic against the French army. We will find symbols of all these times and even masterpieces of Mexican muralism, advancing towards the 20th century. This tour is unique for the peculiar facts of which we can find evidence and for the visit to what is considered the only authentic castle in the Americas. ATTENTION: ⛈️ In case of adverse weather conditions, the walking tour will be canceled and rescheduled without notice. Special Instructions and Requirements PC, laptop, tablet or smartphoneStable internet connectionThis experience will use Zoom PLEASE NOTE: since is a Free Event with high demand, if you don’t connect on first 10 mins from tour start, we reserve the rights to assign your reserved seat to someone else Read Carefully Our TOS here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/terms.html You can TIP Fredo here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/tiptheguide.html?guide=Fredo ⭐Why donate to your Tour Guide Our project is solely funded by your donations. All our virtual tours are made possible only thanks to your support as part of our Community. The majority of your tip supports the Guide, the rest lets our group continue to carry out our initiative. THANK YOU! #aztec #mexico #tenochtitlan #chapultepec #castle #moctezuma #monument #history #travel #art #immersiveexperience #virtualtour #virtualtrip #arthistory #culturalheritage #painting #artandculture #culture #mexicocity