St. Peter Basilica Michelangelo's Pieta: Church of Rome Virtual Tour

History, Art and Architecture of the greatest Church in the world: St Peter at Rome. Its artworks and Michelangelo's masterpiece, the Pieta.

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Renaissance Art
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LANGUAGE: ENGLISH Live stream event from Rome, hosted by Giulia P.: PhD Archeologist, Egyptologist, licensed Tour Guide with 11 years of experience EVENT DETAILS - Immersive Experience - St. Peter’s Basilica - Michelangelo’s Pietà - Bernini’s Baldacchino - Live Q&A - Contents suitable for children EVENT DESCRIPTION Join us on a 2,000 year journey to discover the history, art and architecture of the world’s largest church, centerpiece of the Catholic faith and the world’s ultimate Christian pilgrimage destination: St. Peter’s Basilica. This will be an immersive journey from its earliest foundations on the site of the emperor Nero’s ancient circus, where the apostle’s martyrdom took place, through the construction of the first, magnificent Constantinian basilica. We will virtually walk though the second church, which replaced the old one in the Renaissance and came to be the largest building site in Europe: St. Peter’s took over 120 years to build. We will learn how every great artist of the age had a hand in the rebuilding project, from Bramante to Raphael, Michelangelo and more. Making our virtual way through the church we will stop in front of Michelangelo's beautifully moving Pietà, the young sculptor’s first Roman commission to make his name. You’ll also be introduced to Baroque master Gianlorenzo Bernini, as the basilica stands as a lasting testament to his genius. His baldacchino, with its grandeur and complex symbolism, still marks the burial place of the first pope of Rome, St Peter. No story of Western culture can be told without St. Peter’s. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and REQUIREMENTS - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone -Stable internet connection - This experience will use Zoom PLEASE NOTE: since is a Free Event with high demand, if you don’t connect on first 10 mins from tour start, we reserve the rights to assign your reserved seat to someone else ------ Attendance is FREE, but TIPS are appreciated ------ Read Carefully Our TOS here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/terms.html