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Join us through the Vatican Museums collection, and discover the extraordinary ancient sculptures that have shaped the story of art.

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Renaissance Art
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LANGUAGE: ENGLISH Live stream event from Rome, hosted by Giulia P.: PhD Archeologist, Egyptologist, licensed Tour Guide with 11 years of experience EVENT DETAILS - Immersive Experience - Vatican Museums - Pio-Clementino collection - Apollo Belvedere - Laocoon - Round Room - Live Q&A - Contents suitable for children EVENT DESCRIPTION The Sistine Chapel might be the jewel in the Vatican Museums, but there is far more to this treasure-trove than just that! Join us on a virtual stroll through the Vatican Museums Pio-Clementino collection, and discover the extraordinary ancient sculptures that have shaped the story of art. Many popes from the 16th-century onwards have been assiduous collectors of classical sculptures, and the ancient marbles that fill the courtyards of the Vatican palace had a massive influence on Renaissance ideals of harmony and proportion and on Michelangelo’s works in the Sistine Chapel. At the heart of our virtual tour will be the beautiful Octagonal Courtyard, Pope Julius II’s stunning Renaissance sculpture garden. Let’s face the drama of the Laocoon, where a Trojan priest battles against divinely-sent sea snakes; learn why the Apollo Belvedere was considered to be the height of bodily perfection in antiquity, and how Michelangelo believed the fragmentary Belvedere Torso to be marble perfection so that he did not want to restore it. Unmissable too is the Round Hall, constructed in the 18th-century by Michelangelo Simonetti with a hemispherical vault imitating the ceiling of the Pantheon in spectacular miniature and dominated by a massive Roman basin of precious red porphyry that probably originally came from an ancient bath (perhaps even Nero’s Golden House). Retracing the Vatican collections is essential to understand the art of the Renaissance and the production of Michelangelo and Raphael. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS and REQUIREMENTS - PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone -Stable internet connection - This experience will use Zoom PLEASE NOTE: since is a Free Event with high demand, if you don’t connect on first 10 mins from tour start, we reserve the rights to assign your reserved seat to someone else ------ Attendance is FREE, but TIPS are appreciated ------ Read Carefully Our TOS here: https://worldvirtualtours.online/terms.html