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Live this Amazing Experience! In this Virtual Tour we will uncover the secrets, and virtually visit with you the great monuments of Ramses II, the most famous Pharaoh in history!

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Ancient Egypt
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EVENT DETAILS - Live event from Egypt with a Local Egyptologist and licensed tour guide - Immersive Experience - The life and deeds of Ramses II - His architectural works in the Luxor complex - His architectural works in the Karnak complex - The royal couple's burial temples in Abu Simbel - Live Q&A - Contents suitable for children EVENT DESCRIPTION Our Egyptologist host will reveal the greatness of Ramses II, the most powerful and celebrated pharaoh in the history of Ancient Egypt. During his almost seventy years of reign he performed extraordinary feats: if you want to discover them this is the tour for you! We will take you back in time to discover the life of a Pharaoh. We will show you his exploits through his own tales, carved in the stone of the two famous temples of the ancient city of Thebes. We will reveal the secrets of the mysterious Abu Simbel temple, so that you know what to look for when you have a chance to visit in real-life. We use our knowledge of Egyptology and our experience as qualified tour guides to give you the best possible alternative to visiting all those beauties in real life. And of course you will have the opportunity to ask any of your questions. Let us bring the ancient history back to life for you in a fun and interactive way in this Virtual Guided Tour of Ramses the Great!